A Trip to the Port Wine Region

September is a bustling month in many regions of Portugal. From the great producers to the smallest farmer, from north to south, the “Vindimas” become a crucial part of many people's lives, which collect grapes to produce an array of different wines. - full story

Golf in Portugal

Golf in Portugal

Portugal has become one of the most popular European destinations for golfers. The excellent weather conditions and well maintained challenging golf courses are an open invitation for everyone.
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Portuguese Castles

During Portugal's expansion in the 12th and 13th centuries, the need to protect the young nation led the Portuguese to create a network of castles and fortresses.
Traveling Portugal

Traveling Portugal by Car

Portugal has an abundant amount of scenic and historical sites all over the country. The best way to visit some of these places is by car...

The Sephardi Jews of Portugal

Tucked in the eastern face of the Serra da Estrela, the village of Belmonte has been a Portuguese municipality since 1199. With less than four thousand residents, the town depends almost exclusively from farming, herding, and from a small textile industry.

Up until the 20th century, the world didnít know that deep in the Portuguese mountains of Serra da Estrela existed the oldest Crypto-Jewish community in the Iberian Peninsula, and probably of all Europe.

Lusitano Horse

Lusitano Horses: the Nobel Breed of Portugal

There is something about a picture of horses running wild in a peaceful, natural setting that unleashes our inner soul into a world of fantasy and adventure.
Estrela Mountain Dog

The Serra da Estrela Mountain Dog

In the highest Portuguese mountain range, the Serra da Estrela dog once roamed as if every rock, cliff, and green pasture was their private domain.